Rearview Mirror Extenders to Eliminate Blind Spots And For Safety Parking

Eliminate blind spots, avoid accidents, change lanes and backing into parking spots without worry!

You don’t need to be a car expert to realize most factory side mirrors have blind spots. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 840,000 blind spot-related accidents occur every year. Some modern vehicles now offer blind spot detection as a safety feature, typically a light that illuminates on the side mirror if an object is in your blind spot. But maybe your vehicle doesn’t offer blind spot detection and you’re looking for a way to conveniently see what’s in your blind spot while driving.


Fortunately, you can get yourself a pair today, improving your safety and the safety of those around you.


Blind spot mirrors are a very affordable, cost-efficient way to improve driver safety by allowing you to see what’s in your blind spot without turning your head. These small mirrors are especially helpful when driving in urban environments, where you could accidentally miss seeing a pedestrian or cyclist in your blind spot.

Benefit Of Mirror Extender

The benefits of blind spot mirrors may seem obvious, but there are other uses for them other than showing you what’s in your blind spot while driving. They’re helpful in general driving situations, helping you keep track of all the traffic around you. For lane changing or even turning, it’s still best to quickly turn to check your blind spots, instead of being entirely dependent on blind spot mirrors.


Blind spot mirrors also come in handy when you’re backing out of a parking space or parallel parking. Installed correctly, blind spot mirrors will show you how close you are getting to a curb, helping make sure you don’t scratch up your wheels.

Products Features

• Removes blind spots perfectly
• Safe parking multi-purpose auxiliary rearview mirror
• You can adjust the side stop line accurately
• You can adjust the angle of reflection freely
• Suitable for installation on rearview mirrors and side mirrors
• Product size: 7.5 x 6 x 5.5 cm (approx.)


1).  Select the suitable position(Can sit in the driver’s seat to   adjust the installation position,in order to see the front-wheel bland spot.try to install the review mirror on the right as much as possible)
2).  Tear off the the adhesive’s protective film,stick it on the selected position(Please pay attention on the adjusted position and then press tight)
3).  After pasted,you can adjust to any beam angle.
4).  Press the outer mirror,and adjust to the suitable view.
5).  According to the paste’s character,please don’t moving,when washing the car, please do not aim the water gun at the mirror, otherwise the mirror may fall off.
 1).  Focus on the front-wheel round mirror,since the rear mirror is adjustable,while the front wheel mirror,please do alignment of the front wheel when install the mirror.
2).  Tips:please install it at the position obstruct driving;
3).  Before do any installation,please clear the position where you are going to past, and keep in dry,in order to best fit.

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